Blogger Feature 1: The Sassy Teacher Chic

When  I reached out to the beautiful Jennifer Gilmore for today's post I didn't know if she would reply. I was blown away by her humility. She's one nice lady. Shout out to you Jennifer, I hope your blog achieves great heights this year.
1. Hello, give us a background about yourself?

I was born to a single parent in Fort Worth, TX. After being beaten black and blue at tge age of 4 by my an abusive step father I had to overcome feelings of low self esteem. With rhe help of my parents, my Aunt, my husband, and friends from my congregation I overcame the trauma to be the person I am today. I love teaching!  (See my blog post: Why I Love Teaching under the page Life Lessons to learn mu full background.) 

2. As a female blogger, how would you describe the general perception of your field when you tell people about it? What do you wish is being done differently?

Most individuals feel that bloggersare just self centered vain people who take selfies. I hear the reluctantance in theur voice when they learn that I blog. However, I quickly put them at ease by explaing my role. I tell them, "I'm a product reviewer who writes my honest opinion about those products and/services on my blog. I create eye catching it's content for the con I anies I collaborate with on social  media.  It's really a form of marketing and advertising. Companies often collaborate with bloggers to increase product awareness. A product reviewer, marketer sounds so boring. Its much more catch to say blogger!" Its a mouth full, but as soon as I explin this people are instantly at ease, and even curious about the products I've marketed. 

3. Describe a typical day in your life, from the time you wake up till bedtime? And, how many hours do you work on a post?

I awake at 6:30 for work, dress my daughter and myself, then we leave by 7:30 for school. I work from 7:40 to 3:10 at the elementary school that's 7 minutes away. After school, I take my ootd photo, post it, and the go about making dinner and clean up the home. At 8:30pm, I go through a bedtime routine with ny daufhter. Shes usually asleep by 9pm. Then I prepare lunch usually and lay out my outfit for the next day Wwtite blog post on Wednesdays. This takes me 30 to 45 minutes per post because I'm so picky. Last, I yake a quick shower and surf instagram, reokying to comments befored bed. 

4. What are the greatest pressures and pros of being a blogger?

Time! There is so much that I'd like to do but I'm a mom m, wife, and teacher first and foremost. I've learned to write blog post while watching TV with my hubby. 

5. What are the necessary skills needed to succeed in your field? And, what kind of experience do you think upcoming bloggers are expected to have?

Bloggers should have word processing skills, photography, editing, and organization skills. 

6. What does it take to be successful in your field?

Patience, planning, and persistence.

7. What is your aspiration in life?

I want to continue to teach. I'd like grow my blog to the point where it to become a 2nd income 

8. Do you see yourself as accomplished?

Yes! I have what really matters in life: my family, my friends, a home, and a career  I enjoy!

9. As a very busy human, how do spend your free time?

My free time is spent reading a good novel, attending concerts, dancing, dates with my husband, and momny daughter days. 

10.  And, what are your favourite hang/chill out spots in your city? 
I love Brewed a local dinner/coffe spot on Magnolia where you can hang with friends, both inside and outside. They even have games for the kids to play! 

11. Are there things you miss about your childhood?

No. I'm very happy to he an adult with a familyof my own. Its all I ever wanted. 

12. Is your current position where you thought you will be at this stage?
YES! The thing that is different is that I imagined having 2 children and not an only child. 

13. What used to be your greatest weaknesses, and how did you overcome them? 

Growing up I was verumy insecure. I'd often thiught that others didnt like me if things didnt ho perfect. I worried and worried about being perfect. Now, I just do my best.

 14. What do you do on Saturdays? 

My family and I participate in a door to door ministry most morings from 9:30 am to 12 noon. Then we come home to nap. Followibg this its either a quick blog shoot, a famiky outibg at tge park or museum, baby showers, weddings, etc. 

15. What are you most proud of? 

I  am most proud of us as a family. We are all trying to do our best to be loving towards others and everyone else. 

16.  What's the last thing you do before you sleep?

I say a prayer and go to sleep curled in my husband's arms. 
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