How to Make a Sweet Smoothie Fast

Hello everyone! On Instagram, I told you I was going to share the recipe of my smoothie with you here. I am so sorry that this took so long (2 days), my life has been wonderful
My video app in my Samsung Note 3 is currently paralysed. I don’t know how it happened but my phone has been acting up. It doesn’t play audio files in videos and it fast forwards the video, like, it doesn’t play videos normally. I took it to the Samsung service centre here in Abuja, and they said it has a motherboard problem, and will cost N68,000 to repair. People of God, is it not better for me to add money and buy a new phone? Bottom line, I need a new phone. I’ve been checking out phones that meetup with my needs and I figured that a phone with very high cam/video MP, high RAM, and long battery life will fit well into my life. What a time to buy a new phone, in Nigeria, in this recession. I confess that I was a bit attached to my phone and I cried that ugly cry you cry when you lose someone dear yesterday because, that was my way of burying it, and saying goodbye; by mentally detaching myself to it. I’ve been through a lot with this phone, and I believe I’ve reached the point of no return in fixing it (mehn I’ve spent money and energy on it in the past), Nigerians will understand when i say "on top this matter, wata don' pass Garri."
But, not anymore. I pray God blesses me with a phone that will blow my mind. Shout out toy Brother that spoke sense into me yesterday, I love and appreciate you.

Now, for the real reason you came here today. I don’t have a name for the smoothie, and I do not take credit for it because my auntie came to the house (when I was back in Lagos) and taught us. I took a risk by taking a little the first day (it looks and tastes great y’all), and stopped because the Lactose intolerance which I have refused to let me have my peace. I suggest you use a lactose free milk in place of normal milk, and brown sugar or any other sweetener in place of the sugar if you want.

A. ½ of a medium bowl of peeled Paw paw aka Papaya without the seeds.
B. 4 peeled Bananas.

C. ½ cup of milk/tin of peak milk (I suggest liquefying your milk and not just pouring powdered milk into it).
D. 2 spoons of sugar.

All the love and patience you can muster.

Clean up your blender, and put in all the ingredients and blend baby! When the mixture is a smooth paste stop and pour it into whatever you please and chill it before drinking. You can sip it immediately as well. Enjoy! Tell me what you think of it, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

As an aside, will you guys like it if I start a daily diary/journal post here on the blog?
Thank you for visiting and reading honey. I wish you a lovely week.
Love and Peace,

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This post is based on Proverbs 16:3.

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