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Quote of the day: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

It has been A WHILE!!! I know this post is late, and long due. However, I did not plan this break, blame the universe. After my last post here, my phone fell and crashed. Then, the one I started relying on prior to me getting my phone fixed crashed as well. I took it as a way of God telling me to take a break from social media, my blog and every other thing online and focus on getting my s**t together offline. I’ve had a wild ride! From getting betrayed by people I knew for more than 5 years (they FAILED, my GOD is good), to standing up for myself, to getting a new job, and meeting the vice president of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo, and a serving minister Aisha Abubakar it has been rough but I am grateful for the experiences (it can only get better from here).
By reconnecting with old acquaintances while simultaneously making new ones on my private Instagram account, I have continued to take steps to do away with being painfully shy.

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Also, one thing I know is that more than ever, I am sure that reducing and ultimately helping to end plastic pollution in the oceans and our inland water bodies is a cause I am passionate about. Feel free to google plastic pollution in the ocean.

Sometime last week, I was wondering if anyone still had their fingers on the pulse of lily of Nigeria, and was taken aback by the amount of people that viewed my last instastory. Thank you for your continued support. I’ve met some of you in real life, you are all AMAZING and I thank God I’ve been able to inspire/assist you. In my quiet moments I ask myself, who am I that people like these people read this blog? I know God is fully responsible, but I also want to thank you again, so thank you.
You must have seen the ads, we (a success for me is one for you too) have been approved by google for their adsense programme (insert moonwalking emoji). It was a onetime thing. Google had been sending me prompts to apply for months (I thought it was an enticement to heartbreak, most people apply for years and get rejected) and when I finally did I got approved immediately (thank GOD). Speaking into existence Lily of Nigeria will feed me this year!!!

About three weeks ago, I attended the Google for Nigeria event hosted in Lagos at the Landmark event centre. Boy, was I blown away with the crowd of ICT interested people in attendance. Day 1 was a hot mess! Some people left immediately after seeing the crowd and how disorganised the place was. Just as I came in, the Vice President of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo was speaking to some attendees. My lawyer instincts kicked in, and I told the lady by my side "let’s go and see him." She said "oya now, but I don’t think they’ll let us close enough." Once we got very close, one man I suspect to be my guardian angel told me “where are you going to?” I told him,” to talk to him.” Without saying a word, this man took me to where the Vice President was, hauled me across to where people had queued for some hours, and placed me right in front of him, much to the chagrin of everyone watching, including me. After that, he disappeared. You can bet I was oozing adrenaline. It happened so quickly. I had a chat with the VP he is a very intelligent man with a passion for the youths of Nigeria. No, I was not paid to say that. Also, he has very soft palms. Anyway, after our brief conversation, I got to meet a senior special adviser and started discussing with this Nubian skin woman that I thought was amazing (swear down in my mind I said I wish all elderly women could be as nice as this woman), what didn’t we talk about? She seemed genuinely interested in me, my family, and my blog. It was a feeling I can’t explain. I even told her about being featured in Punch newspaper for my tweet to Femi Otedola, and the epic reply I served one fame whore (mehn, did she have a good laugh!). Check out the said tweet here. Ladies and Gentlemen, this woman turned out to be a serving of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mrs Aisha Abubakar!
We had talks from people like Anthony Nakache, David from Adanna and David, people from the Guardian and Punch and so on.

Asides the above four screen shots from his page [your girl got featured in a video on his page :) ] all other pictures in this post  are mine.

 This security man didn't find it funny that people were taking pictures.

David from Adanna and David.

I reconnected with some old friends, and met some really interesting people at this two day event hosted by Google. People like Sisi Yemmie, Ejiro, Jane, Nonye, Lilian, Haddah from Shiro Lagos, the amazing man from Kano, some amazing photographers who have refused to send me my pictures but are posting them on social media, Ibi, Ace, some Googlers from SA and Brazil who are all wonderful acquaintances.

Inside Shiro Lagos.

 Beauty vloggers corner.

On the first day, I wore a jacket (which I took off after the heat became real) over my dress which was a great thing because we went to Shiro Lagos, and the beach afterwards. And on the second day, which was the YouTube event, I wore a red beret which was mainly to connect with my directorial enthusiasm as a fashion videographer, and YouTuber (I also felt it gave off a bit of a Parisian glow). I’ve had this beret since High school. It went missing after the event. I put the beret in my takeaway kit, and the girl in charge of small chops gave it to someone else.

In case you were wonderiwondering, the toilets were well kept (at least the ladies). There was no funny smell.

Here's a link you might find helpful. Google has some online courses and they're free.

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Keep being kind to one another.
All my love,
Alexandra, for Lily of Nigeria.

Current listen: Nwa baby by Davido.

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