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Preparing for an Online Interview A Step by Step Guide and What to Wear (Fashion Inspiration)
Quote of the Day: Be not thou far from me, O LORD:  O my strength, make haste thee to help me.-Psalm 22:19.

Today I am taking you on a step by step guide on how to make a successful video call or online interview based on my own personal experience. Disclaimer: I am not a video call interview expert, but I am a HR professional. As schools and most offices are gradually reopening, more firms are recruiting. Some people are new to the world of video call interviews, and I created this step by step guide post to help them be less anxious about their online/video call interview. 

You are probably here because you scaled through the first round and secured yourself an interview. Congratulations!

Evaluate: Your strengths and weaknesses, go through you personal statement, and the job description in order to mentally prepare yourself. Remember, you gat this! Also, go through the firm's website, and have at least three questions you want to ask your panel at the end of the interview (don't be like me who last year lost out on a job I poured my energy into because I was too excited at the end of the interview and forgot to ask the panel a question).

What to Wear: it is not news that the world we live in judges a book by its cover. That initial first impression based on your outift is key. Although, what you wear can also honestly depend on the role you have applied for. Something I'll tell you for free is to look professional, like you actually made the effort to prepare for the panel or board interviewing you.

A well ironed crisp white shirt and a blazer

A covered up dress (again depending on the role you applied for, we are not turning up, we are securing the bag that will avail us the opportunity to turn up).

Official top and a skirt or lounge wear/pyjama bottoms (depending on how you position your camera 🙃).

Hair: I always find that securing your hair together at the back, in a bun, or ponytail away from your face is always great because it enables you make eye contact with the panel.
Bonus tip: look at the lens of your camera and not the screen.

Makeup: I suggest you go for a soft glam, barely there look. Depending on the role you applied for, your makeup should not be over the top. If you need inspiration I highly suggest this video (here).

Just before your interview: Breathe in and out. And try to practice mindfulness to prevent you from panicing or having an episode of anxiety. Remember, you scaled through the first round, babe you have potential. I find secretly nibbling on a quarter piece of mint helpful. Also, use the loo and empty your bowel beforehand so that you are not distracted by the pressing call of nature when the video call interview starts.

I wish you the absolute best. Don't forget to smile!

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Preparing for an Online Interview: A Step by Step Guide and What to Wear (Fashion Inspiration)
I want to acknowledge, and appreciate the AMAZING work the NHS and every single essential worker is doing this period.

To my blog readers, thank you for taking out time to be here today, see you in the comments of my YouTube channel.

xoxo 💋,


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