3 Instagram Accounts I'm Currently Stalking

 Quote of the Day: ''If  the internet was the real World, I'd be crowned the Queen of Wanderlust and Travel."- Alexandra

Hello darlings! I hope you are enjoying your weekend doing whatever it is that makes you happy. When I'm not reading, or trying to understand a particular legal principle, or, eating/praying, then, I am definitely on the internet, or sleeping.

Whenever I have free time, and not reading my number one news/gossip blog, to see, click here. Also, I read tons of different posts(conceivable/unbelievable topics like what causes bloating during menstruation to differences between body cream and body butter) and, watch YouTube videos, then, wander from blog to blog, trying to find the ones I can relate to and make mental notes to check up on them from time to time.

I love Instagram, who doesn't? But, I must confess, I visit it with a pinch of salt. Because, sometimes, I get bored easily. If I don't have any reason to be there I don't bother opening my app. Hey, before you continue reading, follow me here.

Most of the times, I see someone's blog or comment, and I'm like "okay, maybe I should check out this person's insta, he/she might have something tangible." If I'm disappointed, I leave. It takes only 30 seconds for me to know who your insta personality is. If not, I will linger on till I conquer your grid and get to the first picture you ever posted(hopefully, you do the same, "no?" Oh well), I'll keep coming back tho.

Without much ado, here are some of the Instagram Accounts I'm currently checking out:
  1. Ifeoma Amadi aka @thesvnflwr   

  1. Ifeoma's feed is a breath of fresh air to me. Her picture feed has certain qualities to what I hope to have someday. Sincere, fun, and cheeky. Asides the constant pictures of her full lips Ify(can I call you that), is someone to watch out for.
    The Catch: She uses her iPhone 5s as her camera. Check out her blog here

  2. AGATHA ASHI aka @ironyofashi:Based in Houston Texas, Agatha's instagram is a delight to look at. You can immediately tell that she loves fashion, and knows her onions well. Do well to check her out.                                                                          
  3.  SLEEK MAKE aka @sleekmakeup: I really like this brand. They were the first brand I spent my money on for makeup. However, I made an order on 28 of December and haven't received anything yet. Chances are that You will probably see my comment, or those of others reminding them to deliver our products to us.

Over to You:
What Instagram accounts are you currently stalking? And, how did you find this post?

Thank you for visiting my blog, I pray you have an amazing Sunday, and, new week!

This post is founded on Proverbs 16:3.

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  1. Nice, I'll see to check them out. How was your weekend? Happy new month!

    1. I had a great weekend, Thank you. Same to you!

  2. awww how sweet of you! makes me so happy. Thanks and love your blog!

    1. OMG!!!!! :) Ashi!
      Thank you very much for visiting, see you soon.

  3. Irony of ashi is always fabulous....
    Nice blog... :)


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