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How to Cook Easy and Healthy Jollof/Veggie Spaghetti

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great Sunday. Today’s Sunday Funday Recipe is one that I’ve been working on for some time now, and I take full credit of it. If you like vegan meals, or, Jollof Rice you might love this very easy to make Spaghetti. I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s completely meatless. So, if you’re on a meatless diet, this meal is also for you. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ½ of the Golden Penny spaghetti. 4 Very Big Carrots. ½ of a Big Cauliflower Plant. ½ of a medium bowl of well chopped Red Onions. ½ of a medium bowl Green Peas. 1 small cup of Power Oil. 3 moderate spoons of well ground dried crayfish. 3 Cubes of Maggi Seasoning. 3 Spoons of Salt. 2 small Spoons of Yaji Suya spice. ½ Satchet of Onga Seasoning Stew Spice. A Grater. Method : Gently Wash the Cauliflower. Wash the Peas and Carrots as well. Grate the Cauliflower and 2 carrots. Then, Chop up the remaining 2 carrots as well.  In a clean medium pot pour in water and

How to Make a Sweet Smoothie Fast

Hello everyone! On Instagram , I told you I was going to share the recipe of my smoothie with you here. I am so sorry that this took so long (2 days), my life has been wonderful .  My video app in my Samsung Note 3 is currently paralysed. I don’t know how it happened but my phone has been acting up. It doesn’t play audio files in videos and it fast forwards the video, like, it doesn’t play videos normally. I took it to the Samsung service centre here in Abuja, and they said it has a motherboard problem, and will cost N68,000 to repair. People of God, is it not better for me to add money and buy a new phone? Bottom line, I need a new phone. I’ve been checking out phones that meetup with my needs and I figured that a phone with very high cam/video MP, high RAM, and long battery life will fit well into my life. What a time to buy a new phone, in Nigeria, in this recession . I confess that I was a bit attached to my phone and I cried that ugly cry you cry when you lose someon

Blogger Feature 1: The Sassy Teacher Chic

When  I reached out to the beautiful Jennifer Gilmore for today's post I didn't know if she would reply . I was blown away by her humility. She's one nice lady. Shout out to you Jennifer, I hope your blog achieves great heights this year. 1. Hello, give us a background about yourself? I was born to a single parent in Fort Worth, TX. After being beaten black and blue at tge age of 4 by my an abusive step father I had to overcome feelings of low self esteem. With rhe help of my parents, my Aunt, my husband, and friends from my congregation I overcame the trauma to be the person I am today. I love teaching!  (See my blog post: Why I Love Teaching under the page Life Lessons to learn mu full background.)  2. As a female blogger, how would you describe the general perception of  your field when you tell people about it? What do you wish is being done d ifferently? Most individuals feel that bloggersare just self centered vain people who take self

Throw Back Post to my Day with Clinique

Hi Loves! I hope you are having an amazing weekend. Sometime ago, I went to the Nail Studio Victoria Island to pick up some Clinique products, and I eneded up having the time of my life there. Clinique is a high end brand I liked to admire from a distance. It's no secret that their products can be a little bit pricey(I pray one day soon I am able to afford as much Clinique products without batting an eye). However, Clinique products are usually synonymous to quality.  Kelechi, the makeup artist on duty had a field day checking out new products with me.  I loved the Black High Impact Mascara (which you can see here )a whole lot! You can check out other Mascara's here   We got to play around with some concealers, the Clinique Universal Face primer (which until that day I had never tried), and some these lip colours which I selected. I didn't have so much time on my hands that day, so we didn't go through some products. I will definitely be going back to that studi

Life Lately: Abuja 1

Quote of the Day: It's Okay to Start Now- Me Hello! Since this is my first post this year, let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year! I have been so caught up with life that I sometimes wondered to myself if I could get back the reins of blogging, or it has gone far off, to the point of no return. I don’t even know if anybody will read this post, let alone reading it to the end or relating to some aspects of it, but here we go. I now live in Abuja. And to be honest the difference between this place and Lagos is wide. In no small terms, it was a rude shock to me initially. But, I assure you that I am getting a hang of the place. I’ve been to about three markets here, and while they can’t compete with my beloved Balogun/Yaba Markets in certain aspects, they are really good I keep finding hidden gems in Abuja markets.  If you know me well, then you must know I have a lovelike enthusiasm for languages. I have upped my French game by registering with the Institut Fr

A Newcomers Guide for the Nigerian Law School: Tips You must Know

Hi! You probably came here after seeing my Instagram post . I am sorry this I was published a bit late, my two phones fell inside a drum of water and I have been devastated. Enough about me. Welcome! And congratulations on your successful admission into the Nigerian Law School, you made it! But, the journey is just beginning. Below are some tips I have prepared for you. As time goes on, I will continue to post some tips and hacks as well. If you have ANY questions whatsoever concerning your law school journey, please email me my email is readily available in the Blog’s Welcome page. Things You Will Need A set of functioning pens. You go fill forms tire!   About 18 coloured passports (make it 20). You must be dressed in your white and black which is the regulation wear. Usually, the Lagos campus insists that you take the passport in front of a blue background.   You will also need 10 black and white passports, as in, non-coloured passports (yes,

My Sleek Makeup (Powder) Review

Hi! Here is the post I promised yesterday on my instagram . So, I recently unboxed my makeup I ordered from Sleek a while ago. I found some the powders I bought a huge disappointment because they were a shade or two too light for me. However, someone advised me to apply, and wait for an hour or two before leaving the house, and the makeup will blend in. Since, the powders are not too light for me. I became a bit discouraged and sad because I was really expectant on the products, and, they seemed like my complexion on screen but different in real life.  The   powder has a nice feel on my face and blends perfectly well with my foundation. I love it, and totally recommend! This is what it looks like at the back. Excuse my nails. I confess that I don’t rely solely on the puff. I use the puff as a sort of applicator, and use my powder brush to complete my look. Watch out for my first YouTube video this week! I can't wait for you guys to s

I Did my Eye Brows for the First Time! Here's a Quick Everyday Eye Brow Tutorial (for Thick Brows)

Hi Everyone! I'm super excited to share this post with you because it means so much tome. Prior to September 27, 2016, I had NEVER tried doing my eyebrows. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen a preview of this post in the picture I posted the same day I carried out the experiment.   Even after watching tons of YouTube videos, I had this thing at the back of my mind that, if I carved or trimmed my eye brows, I'd end up looking like a creature of the deep. I know, crazy yeah?! When I was a little girl, I used a razor to secretly (because my mother would beat the hell out of me), trim the edge of my eye brows which pretty much didn't grow back (do not try that at home if you are a child reading this, totally dangerous ).  Well, I woke up with a zeal to learn how to do this eyebrow thing not because I felt pressured to, but because, I jut felt I was ready to give makeup a  go at this point in my life. Here are the results... I started by br

Three Things I have learnt from Kim Kardashian

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another segment of Lifestyle Friday :) Now, some of you already have a stereotype/biased view of this woman, I used to too. Over the years, I have taken note of Kim. Kimberly Noel Kardashian-West has a lot of flaws, and an atrocious past to some, a la sex tape. What can we say, she is shameless! However, Kimmy has some good things about her too… Well, she loves her family, and, stands up, protects, and spends on the ones she loves. Like standing up for her husband Kanye in this Taylor Swift saga . I have learnt to accept my body, and accept myself for who I am. Kim is an avid business woman. She has broken some boundaries as an entrepreneur. And, whether you like to accept it or not, her business mid is lit! She has turned virtually anything into a money dispensary. Thank you for visiting, Alexandra. This blog is founded on Proverbs 16:3 .


QU OTE OF THE DAY: Sometimes, I just look up, smile, and say, "I know that was Y ou God, thanks."-Unknown. Hi Everyone! It's another beautiful day, I hope you are enjoying yours. T oday I decided to do a hair regimen/routine post here on the blog for you , because I get asked a lot of time s what I do to maintain, and, grow my hair. Honestly, I give God all the credit for my hair texture, quality, and, length. I follow a lot of hair bloggers, and continuously do a lot of research.Have you read this pos t yet? At least, once a month(usually on the last Sunday of the Month), I wash my hair with a drying shampoo aka shampoo with sulfate. It helps strips off residue of oil and hair care products I apply. This helps to enable my hair to breathe. I also do this if I feel my hair seems choked up after a full assessment. Think of it as makeup. All the hair care products you apply are like make, and at the end of the day, you clean it off it with a wipe/cleanse