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Taking Stock: Life Lately 2

I saw this on someone's blog the other day (I can't place my finger on the link in particular),and thought it would make a good read here on lily of Nigeria. And, just maybe, you'll be moved to share yours with me as well.


Ever drank Zobo from a bottle and as you approached the bottom, you were filled with dread because the bottom was filled with sand? Well you can make your own Zobo. I'll show you how later in this post. For now,here's a bit of a story. (This is the only picture that wasn't from yesterday's Zobo making. This is from my earlier experiment when I was still perfecting the recipe. Yesterday,I peeled the rind of the orange and cut it into small pieces)

As a child, someone made this drink for me and I ended up being hospitalized. That experience alone scarred my Mom to the point it made her ban the drink in our house. Nobody made it for us, and we were expressly prohibited from drinking Zobo outside the house. Well,everything changed about two years ago when my aunt fearlessly taught me how to make Soya milk and gave the Zobo recipe after that. But, I didn't quite get it,so I turned to Dunni and some other Pros including my aunt for their own recipes until I per…

Blogger Feature 3: Azaram

Hi guys! How are you doing? This is the third blogger feature we are doing here on the blog. Azadeh has a very bubbly personality and I enjoyed our little back and forth email. 1. Hello, give us a background about yourself?
- Hi! My name is Azadeh and I am a multimedia journalist and blogger based in New York City.  I recently graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and I work at Vanity Fair on their video team.  Pretty much all other moments of my time are dedicated to either spending time with my family or blogging!  

2. As a female blogger, how would you describe the general perception of
your field when you tell people about it? What do you wish is being done

- What an excellent question!  I think for the most part, people don't take it seriously, but only because they don't really know that blogging is a BUSINESS!   Especially when you monetize it, like I have. It's not just curating an outfit and posing for pictures.  W…

Blogger Feature 2: This Thing Called Fashionn

Nonye has been a blogger for less than two months. With her bubbly personality, this should make a cozy read with a cup of anything you fancy. Enjoy.

1.Hello, give us a background about yourself? Hey, Okay so I’d start with my name Anne “Nayonde” Nonye Udeogu, Nayonde is a made up name you could check out my blog post on how I came up with the name (Click here). I am an Economics grad from Babcock University who got done with nysc October 2016. Currently paving my way slowly into the fashion industry. Cause I have mad love for Fashion, Styling and Shopping.

2.As a female blogger, how would you describe the Nigerian perception of your field? What do you wish is done differently? Lol, Does Nigeria even have a perception for blogging atall? Just a small section of Nigerians recognize this. Our parents okay most Nigerian parents for example don’t get what it’s all about they’d rather you work at chevron, shell, PwC or some top notch company. I wouldn’t blame them tho our society doesn’t emb…