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If you are interested in working with me, please email me directly at for my rates, and more information. I am PR friendly, and happy to do business with your brand to review, and promote your services/products. This means I accept products, gift cards, packages, services, as well as sponsorships to create posts. My rates contain a detail of how much I charge, however, I can always tailor my fees to suit the end result of our negotiation.
I am available to travel for work, content creation, and reviews. All my posts are original, and otherwise will be stated. Please note that is my only email that I communicate with regarding Lily of Nigeria any other email is a fraud. 
I look forward to working with you!

About Me
Hello! Welcome to Lily of Nigeria, the official blog for my brand :) I am a Lawyer with a passion for life and style. I live in the United Kingdom (UK Blogger). I'm so excited you came here, thank you. This site was created as an avenue for me to air my thoughts on a range of topics from:  life, personal fashion, beauty, hair, travel and DIY. In my opinion, blogging here is very far from what I had done without apology at iblogwithgrace
Feel free to ask me any questions via twitter. I create fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog posts every week. I'm helping to create a new perspective of digital creators, and Nigerians in this little not so little space on the internet.
Navigating the Blog 
The Life is an area where you will most likely find my thoughts, what I've been up to, my recent experiences, my many experiments, and so on. Please click and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I upload videos and vlogs.
My Instagram is an outlet for sneak peeks, and what next's, so be sure to follow me there. I am very active there, feel free to drop your comments and engage with me.
If you click on the Beauty and Hair tag you will most likely find posts on relaxed hair, makeup, beauty tips and inspiration.
  • From careful details derived over time, I know that my Blog has over 100,000 total unique page views, and counting! My major audience is from the United States of America, Nigeria, Kenya, China, Russia, France, and some other very amazing countries.
  • Females constitute the major gender visitors, this does not mean I don't get any male visitors with a percentage of 75 - 35%.
  • Because of my analytics, I know for sure that a huge chunk of the kind people that form my audience here, and on my social media platforms are Gen Y and Z.

Facebook here I have over 600 page likes and my audience engages with me.
Instagram this is like my social media forte, I am very active there. At the moment, in the past 7 days, I have had over 1000 followers, over 3000 impressions, over 558 pageviews and I am able to reach over 900 unique accounts. All my pictures get a lot of engagement, and likes too. Majority of my followers are from Lagos, Abuja, London, Enugu and New York. The top 5 countries I get engagement from are Nigeria, the United States, United Kingdom, Ghana and Australia.

On Twitter I have over 900 organic followers (and counting) and I am able to get an average of 2 retweets and 3 likes on twitter. This means your brand will definitely get noticed if you choose to work with me.
I am neither a thief, nor a liar. I am disciplined, and I have integrity; and have worked with over 3 brands. I can only review products and services that I have had a first hand experience of. My audience are like family to me, and I refuse to tell them lies about utopic products/services which I have neither tested, nor experienced.

You are highly welcome here anytime, feel free to look around. Please subscribe to my mailing list below.

Come here every day to explore the adventure that my archives have to offer. The Pictures used are solely mine. Some of which I get from kind Creative commons sites.
My Posts are all original. To re-post on your site, you must get permission from me, and give me a link back referring your readers here. You can share my post links on your social media outlets, with FULL credits.

Thank You for visiting my blog, don't forget to bookmark this link here to avoid missing future updates.
See you in my next post boo.

This blog is founded strongly on Psalm 45:13.

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