Blogger Feature 2: This Thing Called Fashionn

Nonye has been a blogger for less than two months. With her bubbly personality, this should make a cozy read with a cup of anything you fancy. Enjoy.

1.     Hello, give us a background about yourself?
Hey, Okay so I’d start with my name Anne “Nayonde” Nonye Udeogu, Nayonde is a made up name you could check out my blog post on how I came up with the name (Click here). I am an Economics grad from Babcock University who got done with nysc October 2016. Currently paving my way slowly into the fashion industry. Cause I have mad love for Fashion, Styling and Shopping.

2.    As a female blogger, how would you describe the Nigerian perception of your field? What do you wish is done differently?
Lol, Does Nigeria even have a perception for blogging atall? Just a small section of Nigerians recognize this. Our parents okay most Nigerian parents for example don’t get what it’s all about they’d rather you work at chevron, shell, PwC or some top notch company. I wouldn’t blame them tho our society doesn’t embrace that kinda thing but who is the society?

3.    Describe a typical day in your life, from the time you wake up till bedtime? And, how many hours do you work on a post?
A typical day: I wake up, pray, do chores, feed my babies (dogs), head out to work and head back home. I blog in between all these. Hours? Can’t really say cause like once an idea pops up I write it out might be before i take pictures.

4.   What are the greatest pressures and pros of being a blogger?
I just got into blogging not up to a month yet but I can say one pressure for me is being consistent I haven’t really balanced the whole work, housegirl and blogging thing but I’m getting there oh yes! I have a blog post on this on the blog you could click click away and read all about it.
Plan on fixing a blogging schedule and just time my posts so they automatically post even when I’m busy. That’ll make me consistent
One pro is the collaborations you get to do with brands styling their products, meeting people and networking.

5.    What are the necessary skills needed to succeed in your field? And, what kind of experience do you think upcoming bloggers are expected to have?
Number one thing you have to have is passion for what you blogging about if not it would fade away especially at the beginning part. You need editing and writing skills, a little bit of photography too makes it easier. You do not need an experience to blog but you should know why you starting and what you want from it.

6.   What does it take to be successful in your field?
Like I said before PASSION to keep pushing cause there are times you question yourself and why you started in the first place,
You need to meet and associate with fellow bloggers know what they doing how they do it
Find a way to always stand out from others,
Always do your research and yhh networking going for events put yourself out there, take risks
Work hard most importantly work smart.
After doing your part you keep praying God would definitely answer you, just have hope, believe He’s already done it.

7.   What is your aspiration in life?
My aspiration in life is to be Happy (In bey’s voice Lol). For real though I aspire to be happy no matter what happens. But on a more physical level my aspiration is to have my own brand (Denim Jeans) and later on fragrance. I’ve dreamt about it since forever and nows the time for me to work towards it.

8.    Do you see yourself as accomplished?
I am far from accomplished. Quick question tho. 
Does anyone actually see themselves as accomplished? I think we all keep growing no matter where we are.

9.    As a very busy human, how do spend your free time? 
Mostly indoors watching movies, listening to music (okay I do this everytime and everywhere doubt if it counts), reading up on fashion sites and blog do a lot of research.

10.   And, what are your favorite hang/chill out spots in your city?
I hardly ever go out but my fav chill spots are all on the island starting with my room (I do everything there), I love cafés love the smell of coffee leads to one of my fav chill spots Café neo (working on my laptop, the music in the background, the coffee, snacks), Love Lekki leisure (the sea view, the squad bike, music, barbecue chicken). Shaunz bar (love the karaoke perfect excuse for people like me with an awful voice to feel like beyonce and it’s just a perfect way to let out steam after a stressful week Lool). To be honest anywhere with an ocean view, sea breeze, serene environment and food can be my fav chill spot.

11.  Are there things you miss about your childhood?
Yesssss, not having to worry about anything and the games, I had a pretty exciting childhood.

12. Is your current position where you thought you will be at this stage?
Actually yes, it’s exactly where I thought I’d be.

13.  What used to be your greatest weaknesses, and how did you overcome them?
Eyy it has to be me being shy I’m still overcoming it but I joke and laugh a lot so that helps and I’m more confident about who I am.

14.What do you do on Saturdays?
Clean, go out, cook

15.   What are you most proud of?
Myself the person I am becoming, the ability to stand for what I want.

16. What's the last thing you do before you sleep?
I try my best to pray but most times I sleep off without even knowing it. So the last thing I do is I’m either talking to a certain someone or I’m watching a series.

 For more on Nonye, check out her blog here.

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