I Heard You Can Lose Weight Fast with the Military Diet So I Tried It || Read About My Experience/Review

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Welcome back to my blog. If you missed my last post, you can click here to catch up. It's a rainy day here in Lagos, Nigeria. I hope you had the most AMAZING week. Grab some tea, and make sure you're comfy because this is a long post.

Weight loss is something a lot of people can relate to. At every given point in time, there is someone out there who wants/needs to shed a pound or more!

Now to the main reason you're here, the military diet. If you follow Lily of Nigeria on instagram click here I'm sure you would have seen all my intastories and post referring you to this post(that's probably why you're here).

I was busy minding my own business and going through my YouTube notifications when a video of a woman who had tried the military diet popped up in my suggestions(sort of like the explore page on instagram) and you can bet that I clicked on it because I was curious.

Those of you who have followed me from my time at iBlogWithGrace already know me, your girl launched a full blown research on the topic!
I discovered it was very popular in the 70s and 90s. It also had a pickled beet included thank God that's been removed from the diet now.

Personally, I am not a fan of fad diets and weight loss teas/laxatives. However, something about this diet caught my fancy(hint, hint, maybe it has to do with my affiliation with the military, who knows).

Yes I tried the diet.
I wrote down the daily menu, and went to my local market and Spar to get the things that I'll need. I substituted a few things on the menu too.
The diet is a rapid weight loss plan, with some people claiming to have lost 10 pounds of weight, others more, others less. 

I kept an open mind and decided to focus in losing 10 pounds. The amount of weight you lose depends on how much you weigh in the first place, your eating habits prior to the diet, and how fast your metabolism is.

The diet is VERY strict, and entails A LOT of determination. You'll need ALL the grace of God you can get.
Please consult with your doctor before you embark on this diet, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

The diet spans for a period of three days, after which you NEED to go back to a normal, healthy eating regimen.
If you see results after the first three days and want to continue, you will have to follow the rule below.

Rule: do the diet for three days and stop! Return to a normal healthy eating lifestyle for four days, before you can start the three day diet again. You can only do the diet for three days straight.
If you do it more than three days, you are endangering your health and your body will go into starvation mode(not good).
"3 days on, 4 days off."

The Menu:

Day one
1/2 grapefruit (If you're in medication DO NOT take grapefruit it will interfere/nullify it just like coconut does). Or, 1/2 a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. Or, 1 cup of apple juice.
I drank a cup of warm green tea without sugar or milk.

1 slice of whole wheat toasted bread. If you don't have a toaster, but own an oven, pop it in there for like 5 to 10 minutes on medium or high heat.

2 tablespoons of peanut butter also known as Ųsòjį(but with pepper and a host of salt) in Eastern Nigeria. I just chewed I spoon of roasted groundnuts.

1 cup of coffee or tea without sugar or milk. But, you can use Stevia. As I said above, I just drank unsweetened green tea.

1/2 cup of tuna. I used 1 oven baked Nigerian Titus without pepper or salt, which I bought for N250.
1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread.
1 cup of coffee or tea without sugar or milk. But, you can use Stevia. As I said above, I just drank unsweetened green tea.

3 ounces of any type of meat. I didn't eat this.
1 cup of green beans. I cooked mine with 1 heaped tablespoon of ofada stew.
1/2 Banana (I ate 2 small lean bananas equivalent to half of a standard US banana).
1 small apple.
1 cup of vanilla ice cream. I drank green tea without sugar or milk.

Day 2
1 egg. I boiled mine.
1 slice of whole wheat toast.
1/2 Banana.  (I ate 3 small lean bananas equivalent to half of a standard US banana).

5 saltine crackers. You can regular crackers, just make sure you don't go overboard the 65 calories limit.
1 hardboiled egg.
1 cup of cottage cheese. This can be substituted for a cup of unsweetened and unflavored soy milk(I chose this option, because it's cheaper than cheese here in Nigeria).
2 hotdogs (without bun). I had 3!
1 cup of broccoli. I substituted broccoli for spinach(if you live in Nigeria as your local vegetable trader for efó shòkó. I wanted to use what we call green but all the ones I saw were shriveled and yellow, so I went for the efó shòkó which is actually a variety of spinach).
1/2 cup of carrots.
1/2 Banana. I had 2 small lean bananas.
1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream. I skipped this.

Day 3
5 saltine crackers. Remember what I said above about not going beyond 65 calories.
1 slice of cheddar cheese. It can be substituted for 1 egg. I went with 1 hardboiled egg.
1 small apple. I used pear(not avocado pear).

1 egg cooked anyhow you like.
1 slice of whole wheat toasted bread.

1 cup of tuna. (I used the remaining hotdogs from yesterday's dinner).
1/2 Banana.
1 cup of vanilla ice cream. I used apple juice.

What I Think
On the first day, I was super pumped. Things got real on the second day, especially during lunch. By the third day, I couldn't wait to get done with it. I started thinking that maybe I had made a mistake, and maybe this would not work. I couldn't wait for the morning of the fourth day to arrive so I could weigh myself!

You bet, the first thing I did after praying on the fourth day was to weigh myself.

I absolutely recommend this diet if you need to lose weight fast! Or, you have an upcoming event that requires you to shed a few pounds.
If you get hungry, drink water. You can add lime to your water but nothing else.
Don't cheat. Remember you need this, and you'll just be cheating yourself. Self deceit is the worst form of deceit.

This 3 day diet is akin to a cleanse. This cannot replace your regular everyday diet. Try to consume more veggies, fruits and water after this diet. Also, try living a healthier life, check what's in your meal, and count your calories.

My results
I lost a whooping 4 kilograms of weight that I believe isn't water, an equivalent of 8.8 pounds!
I don't feel bloated anymore and I didn't binge on what I missed for 3 days. In fact, I don't feel hungry. My tummy, tighs and waistline feel and look leaner! What a wawu.
Also, I can't eat past a certain amount, it's almost as if my stomach shrank.
During the diet, I was too hungry to remember to take pictures of my food so bear with me.

😂everyone at home was shocked when they saw me eating bread. I don't like bread! I see it as a wasted effort without any essence(it's just empty sugary calories). Don't judge me. I was talked into eating wheat bread. I justified eating it by reminding myself of the fibre I'll gain from the wheat. For more substitutes click here

 Who else enjoys reading Lost in Lagos?

Please, after seeing this post don't approach me for a sponsored post if you're a "Weight loss tea" company, I don't believe in those things.

It's currently 3:10 am here. I've been having issues with the blogger application on my phone since 4pm when I got this post ready for y'all. I had to stay awake to use the web version.
Note to self, one day I will blow and make it as a big time internet breaking blogger.

Let me know if you intend to try this, have tried this, or have any questions.

Don't forget to be the difference you seek, and be kind to your neighbor.
Peace, and love,
Alexandra for Lily of Nigeria.

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  1. This is a very interesting review. Thanksfor sharing ur experience!


    1. You're welcome Gail. Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon!


  3. I am thinking of doing this diet but didn't trust it because i saw it used mostly from the west so i googled "military diet naija" and there yoi were. Thank you so much for doing it.

    1. You're welcome. I enjoyed doing it, but from my own experience I won't suggest doing this long term it isn't sustainable.


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