Happy New Year: 2016 Goals

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year!! This is page 1 of 366. A lot of beautiful things await us in 2016, asides the Invictus Games, Olympics, and much more!
This blog happened as a result of me wanting to chronicle my entire stay as a Student of the Nigerian Law School. I had to stop iBlogWithGrace for now, due reasons best known to me, which I will share later.

This will be somewhat of a personal Journal. One that won’t get lost, or, stolen. One where I can reach out to 
people in the real World when things get fuzzy, or, just to relax, and share stuff with You. Stuff that I like. Stuff that may not necessarily relate to The Legal World.

I don't like referring to my aspirations in any Year as "New Year Resolutions". Instead, I tag them as "GOALS".

So, here are My GOALS FOR 2016:

  • To be VERY serious, and, focused with my studies, and read ahead of time. To be honest, I need to cultivate a hardcore reading habit for my academics(I read A LOT, but mostly other stuff not my books).
  • To sponge-in all I can about the legal profession, and, apply them in real life.
  • To be a fearless Lady, and ask "reasonable" questions in class on issues I don't understand.
  • To approach senior counsel, including my lecturers on issues bothering me and not bottle them in and die continuously. 
  • To update this blog to share my progress.
  • To make new friends, and build an even closer bond with the previous people in my life.
  • To Love my neighbour, and pray for people around the World, whom I may never meet. Thus, to be more selfless.
  • To Forgive.
  • To live and not merely exist. To LIVE mehn!
  • To permanently kill my resting bitch face. I smile A LOT, but, sometimes, I have this "keep off or die" look, it needs to go...Unless I need it.
  • To graduate from Law School. I need to make my parents, and extended family proud. University was rough for me (my CGPA almost died).
  • To NEVER forget to give ALL the Glory back to God.
  • To Collaborate with so many brands.
  • To treat myself to something/somewhere nice twice, or, once a month. SELF LOVE Baby!
  • To share my makeup and beauty journey with You. I just discovered makeup. Hard to believe yeah? But, it's the Truth, a Lawyer has to look good.
Welcome, I hope this Journey will be fruitful. As a human being, I can only wonder what this will lead to, and where this blog will be in a year’s time. Even after my call to the Nigerian Bar. Let us see…

The picture above was shot by my beloved cousin Nkechi, she's a budding photographer and you should totally check out her out here.
Just in case you were wondering this is my real hair, no weaves.

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I love you for reading, thank You.
Best Wishes,
What are your goals or new year resolutions for 2016?

This post is founded on Proverbs 16:3.

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  1. Your hair is so long and pretty!
    Wish you all the very best in the new year and with your goals.


  2. These are such great resolutions! Haha, they make me laugh too! I suffer from Resting Bitch Face too! Haha! But I don't think I'll be able to kill it, I just have a scary face haha <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


    1. Thank you Bash! Come to think of it, some of them are funny (but true). Hahaha I'm glad I have someone that relates with the "resting bitch face." But, Bash my darling you are FAR from ugly. You are pretty, and you definitely know how to rock the hijab!

  3. Awesome goals Maria. I feel you on the resting bitch face..ahhhh it's a serious problem for me o...lol I wish you all the best on this new journey.


    1. Asin...God will save us the resting bitch face!Amen, Thank you so much for visiting April. Good luck with your waist training too dear.

  4. I know all about that Resting B**** face lol. Nice to learn about you! Excited to read more from you!


    1. Thank you dear. I am very happy you can also relate to the resting bitch face.


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