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How to Make Tiger Nuts Milk Also Known As Horchata/Kunun Aya

A while ago, I came across a friend's Instagram Post on Tiger Nuts. I was amazed by what I read on her post, one point in particular caught my fancy( that it helps people loose weight ). Being the law student that I am, I had to do more research. My discovery took me aback. Tigernut is a tough fibrous rooted perennial plant. In Nigeria, they are referred to by a plethora of names. Igbo people call it Aki-Ausa (I don't know what it means in Ibibio , so, I also call it Aki-Ausa). It is known as Aya in Hausa, ofio in Yoruba, Chufas in Spanish, some also call it Zulu nut, yellow NutGrass, Ground Almond and so on . Wrongly addressed as nut, Tiger nuts are actually Tubers . They are very popular in Northern Africa and Nigeria. They are also not alien in places like India, and Spain where they are consumed in milk forms known locally as Horchata De Chufa. "Hausa people" sell them in wheelbarrows all over Nigeria, and, at affordable prices too! During my research,


  QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Travel makes one modest. You see what tiny place you occupy in the world.”― Gustave Flaubert Hey you, how is life treating you this April? I hope you are doing well. This is one post I have been hoping to finally publish. And, apart from the fact that today is Travel Tuesday in the cyber World, today seems like a good day to finally publish this particular post which I have had in my "draft" for a while now. I hope you enjoy it, and, that it will be of help to you in some way. DO YOUR RESEARCH: Try to find out more about where you are heading to. TIP: Check out the best places to visit for sightseeing. That is, the best places for food, shopping,gaming,or any traditional custom displays like festivals or on going carnivals…even, best place to people watch. MAKE LISTS: Make lists, and use them as your guide. Make a before and after list. Your before list should contain things that you will b

Celebrating Small Milestones: A Thankful Post

  Quote of the Day: " I am not lucky, You have no idea how much I have prayed. " -Unknown. I sincerely apologise for my long absence on this blog. Law School is more demanding than anyone could have expected. Nothing, NOTHING , ever prepares you for it. If you follow my other blog here , this post wouldn't be much of a surprise to you. I like to thank people for their kindness, visiting my blog. You could be on any other site in the big, wide, internet, but, you chose to be here. Thank you. Thank you for visiting even when I have been away for so long(in law school). Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for following me on instagram and twitter .  Thank you all for reading my posts, I am grateful. Wait for it .... Kate Waterhouse and HudaBeauty ( or someone in her team) visited this blog ( the Kate Waterhouse from E! Fashion Bloggers , and the beauty guru herself, Huda Kattan). *cringe* I know yea, It totally blew my mind! And, Kate had