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"Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." Before We start, this is NOT a sponsored post. This post is entirely from ME and in no way is it a "brand hand me down." Every girl dreams of her prom night, wedding day, or, big occasion( could be a friend's wedding , birthday etc ) , or not. What to wear for prom, what type of wedding gown to buy, or what to wear to an occasion can sometimes be an issue...Hopefully, that doesn't disturb you after you read the post below. Hey guys! Welcome to another blog post. So, I came across this site recently. No doubt, the dresses look carefully select high-quality fabrics and threads to create every dress. The vibrant colors, beautiful sheen and rich textures in some of the dresses are worth every MB you spend perusing through the site . Many of the dresses I saw feature beading /some sort of embellishment, something only Professional dressmakers who

Get Ready With Me: Easy Dark Lips Makeup Tutorial for Valentine's Day

Hello Lovelies! Happy Sunday :) If you follow me on instagram click here you would have known ahead of time about this post. And, if you've read this post, then you are well informed that I'm a beginner in the makeup arena. So, yesterday I went for a former classmate's wedding. And I couldn't find any of my lipsticks! I had to find something to wear on my lips, and voila! I stumbled across this lip method. WHAT YOU WILL NEED   1. A Dark Lip / Eye Pencil. I used MAC Cosmetic pencil in Color M05. It also has Vitamin E. I've had this pencil for a VERY long time mom bought me a set of their pencils in my first year in the University. You can buy this product here . 2. An Eye / Lip Pencil Sharpener, just in case your pencil is blunt. METHOD Scrub your lips with sugar and olive oil. Use a clean wipe to remove any remaining residue. Apply little brown powder to your lips. You can use a darker shade, like black, to

Affordable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her and Three Fun facts About Valentine's Day

Hi Guys! Yesterday my friend and I were discussing, and she raised the issue of Valentine's day . I was like "Girl, Valentine's day is a week and one day away ." The fact that my mind isn't stuck on it doesn't mean that others aren't thinking about it. A lot of people are in a pit of frustration concerning what to get their loved ones on that day. In order to ease off stress, I have decided to create a post on affordable gift items to buy for that favourite female in your life. Enjoy. 1. A stuffed, soft, giant Teddy Bear, or, Panda. If she isn't biased about them, they can be great to cuddle. 2. One month worth of Movie Tickets (one for each week). 3. A Nail Kit, complete with a set of nail polishes, in her favourite colours. 4. School/Office Stationery Items. If you choose this option, include a 2TerraByte Hard drive. 5. Complete Set of Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner. 6. If you can, a Signed Item from Her Idol. 7. New Hair E

Happy New Month!! January Favourites: Drug Store Personal Hygiene Review

Happy New Month my Loves! Welcome to the "month of Love," not that love isn't found in other months, but, because of Valentine's day. Also, one of my lecturers put to birth a beautiful baby girl today(congratulations Mrs James). School has been really stressful, but, worth it. How have you been? Thank you for visiting this blog, I appreciate it. This product is one that works really well for Me. I have used Funbact-A to ward off acne for about two years now. Whenever I see a breakout I suspect might be a bit of an issue, I gently apply it to the affected area(s) after bathing at night. And, by morning, the acne would have disappeared, or shrunk beyond recognition. Be very careful with this product, too much of it can bleach you. Once it has done it's job for you, discontinue. At N200, I find it very affordable and EFFICIENT. I only buy from a pharmacy inside my former school whenever I go to Enugu(I end up buying a lot); because, I actually see their v