Happy New Month!! January Favourites: Drug Store Personal Hygiene Review

Happy New Month my Loves! Welcome to the "month of Love," not that love isn't found in other months, but, because of Valentine's day. Also, one of my lecturers put to birth a beautiful baby girl today(congratulations Mrs James).
School has been really stressful, but, worth it. How have you been? Thank you for visiting this blog, I appreciate it.

This product is one that works really well for Me. I have used Funbact-A to ward off acne for about two years now. Whenever I see a breakout I suspect might be a bit of an issue, I gently apply it to the affected area(s) after bathing at night. And, by morning, the acne would have disappeared, or shrunk beyond recognition. Be very careful with this product, too much of it can bleach you. Once it has done it's job for you, discontinue. At N200, I find it very affordable and EFFICIENT. I only buy from a pharmacy inside my former school whenever I go to Enugu(I end up buying a lot); because, I actually see their van offload the products into Ejike's shop in the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. I haven't bought any here in Lagos.

When my Cocoa Butter Cup Cream finished, I went to Goodies in Ikoyi to buy another one because I didn't have the strength of going to Kuddi in Balogun market to restock. It happened that they didn't have that particular one. So, instead of going back home empty handed I decided to settle for this one. It was more expensive, but was helpful. The lotion dries up really fast, and, locks in moisture. It also has a nice feel tot the skin. But, once the harmattan season kicked in fully, I had to keep reapplying it during the day. However, I would definitely recommend it to anybody(especially my future husband) out there who doesn't like lotions, or, creams that linger on their bodies, but, still wants moisture. You can buy yours here.

When I spotted this product on the shelf in MedPlus Pharmacy in Saka Tinubu Victoria Island, I had serious doubts. I react to A LOT of things that have very harsh chemicals in them. But, the attendants at the counter convinced me that it was a hot cake of some sort, and, people had very nice things to say about it. So, I took the risk... It has been worth it. I love the feel of it on my face. It does remove my make up. I will definitely buy Clearasil again, and, recommend it to you if you've been having a hard time with facial wipes. I bought it for N900.

This product made me laugh, because the staff kept asking me what aisle I got it from, and, if it was for "baby". I told them the truth, I was buying it for myself. Ain't no baby at home, yet. It has this original Vaseline-like smell, probably from the petroleum jelly. I would recommend it for people in severely cold weather. And, the castor oil + Zinc combination is a big bonus. My doctor told me she would start using it for her baby, and herself! However, I have only used it once. You have to be patient with it after applying it, so that the white residue disappears. It's quite gentle, and, also helps with scars too.

For the past 4 to 5 years, I have used Profective, relaxer kit. Only in early January did I decide to branch out to their other products. Although not simultaneously, or at the same day, I apply these products to roots of my hair and just allow them to sip in. So far, I like the results. They're not drying, and, they lock in moisture. I definitely recommend these two which I have tried to you.

I bought this product with the particular intention of using it to wash off my makeup after using my facial wipes. It has a silky texture, and is good on the skin. It is very gentle, won't give you breakouts. LOL at this stage you must have figured that I'm a Palmers girl. They have very gentle products. With a skin like mine you can't settle for less, or any product that has skin altering chemicals(I used to be allergic to fragrances, and strong scents). One day I took out all the expensive harsh products in my wardrobe, and, made up my mind to stick with any brand that didn't give me any reactions, or, leave me with dark knuckles and toes. I thank God for showing me the light, Hallelujah somebody!

My Mother gave Me this Clinique product to use for my face. I ended up using it as a makeup remover. I will miss this product so much. I have refused to use up the little one remaining. You can buy yours here.

This is my body soap, I have used it for 2-3 years now. I gladly recommend this to you.

I started using this as my facial cream sometime in January. It has been worth every Kobo spent. I love the feel of it, and, it's mild scent. Please keep this product away from children so that they are not tempted to taste it(even adults need the grace of God to resent doing it). This body butter is my first, and I'm seeing results in my face. There's definitely more moisture locked in, in this harmattan season. I use the tip of my finger to gently slide through the surface and apply the thin layer of butter that comes back with it, because I don't need excess. You can buy a pack of 6 here.

To be fair, this has to be one of my BEST personal hygiene product this year(so far). Adidas did a great job with this one! This roll on lasts for 48 hours! Now I would know this because this is my second bottle. If you sweat a lot, then, this is for you. The only time it lasted for 24 hours was when I went to the market, and I walked a lot that day. This brand comes in two categories. The 24 hours type, and, the 48 hours type. I use the 48 hours category. I'm pretty much excited because, I have used Malizia stick and spray for close to 8 to 9 years now. So, this is a change for me, and I'm loving it! I stumbled upon it at Goodies when I went to restock, they didn't have Malizia, so I had to settle for this one since it has a very mild scent. They have other scent ranges, so feel free to explore... At N500 for this size of bottle, It's quite pricey if you ask me. But, it is worth it, and it lasts.

I bought this soap because everyone close to me started complaining how school stress and sun has started affecting my face, that I am getting darker only in my face. To avoid using any harsh product that might leave me with Fanta like face and Coco Cola feet, I bought this Palmers product.

This product cost a lot compared to how small it is. I bought it to use as a feet/hand cream to apply during the day (I'm not a fan of dry hands and white feet), since Physiogel has stopped importing their products into Nigeria. I applied it in the car on our way to church one Sunday, to say the least, It has an annoying scent, very irritating. People kept asking me what I applied on my hand. And it caused me slight allergies. I haven't opened it since that day. So far, this is the only Palmers product I have a serious issue with. I feel like it was a total waste of my money. However, you can buy yours by clicking on this.

I want to notify you that, I will post on this blog only on Saturdays and Sundays (rarely, on special weekdays). Saturdays for Lifestyle post, and, Sundays for Beauty posts.

Thank you for visiting, and, reading. What are your current drug store favourites for personal hygiene?

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