How to Make Tiger Nuts Milk Also Known As Horchata/Kunun Aya

A while ago, I came across a friend's Instagram Post on Tiger Nuts. I was amazed by what I read on her post, one point in particular caught my fancy(that it helps people loose weight). Being the law student that I am, I had to do more research. My discovery took me aback.

Tigernut is a tough fibrous rooted perennial plant. In Nigeria, they are referred to by a plethora of names. Igbo people call it Aki-Ausa (I don't know what it means in Ibibio, so, I also call it Aki-Ausa). It is known as Aya in Hausa, ofio in Yoruba, Chufas in Spanish, some also call it Zulu nut, yellow NutGrass, Ground Almond and so on.Wrongly addressed as nut, Tiger nuts are actually Tubers. They are very popular in Northern Africa and Nigeria. They are also not alien in places like India, and Spain where they are consumed in milk forms known locally as Horchata De Chufa.

"Hausa people" sell them in wheelbarrows all over Nigeria, and, at affordable prices too! During my research, I discovered that there are various derivations of the nuts. Tiger nut Oil, Tiger nut milk(which I will be showing you how to make in a bit), Tiger nut flour! Unbelievable eh? 

 It is an area of the agriculture sector that is very much neglected, if only people knew their worth. Amongst it's numerous benefits are:

  • Aggressively competes with olive oil. 
  • Can be taken when on a weight loss journey.
  • Lactose free Milk, thus a very good substitute for lactose intolerant people like me (Paleo friendly). 
  • Rich in calcium, Vitamin C and E.
  •  Boosts fertility in Women and Sperm count in men. 
  • High antioxidant levels. 
  • Assists to control diabetes. 
  • Rivals bananas in high potassium rates.
  • Bursting with Magnesium, and phosphorus.
  • Can serve as a laxative to some.


Tiger nuts.
Dried Dates (if you have a sweet tooth, but they have their own benefits).
Ginger (optional).


Wash the Tiger nuts. If you bought the dried ones, you will have to soak them in clean water till the next day before moving to the next step. 

However, if you bought the fresh ones, keep them in a porous sieve to drain out any water.
These are the dates we could find.
They were the dried type. After washing them, they were slightly pounded in a Nigerian wooden motar, use your hand to break them and remove the seeds. Go ahead and soak them in clean water. This will enable the dates become soft before blending.

After washing the nuts, I peeled the fresh ginger and added the dates together into the blender. After that, use a tiny teeth sieve, or, material to separate the by product from the milk. You can also use an "Akamu clothe." I honestly don't know the English name of that thing. I'll find out for you guys, and, update this post.

A closer look at the contents in the blender.

 This is what it looks like in a glass.

This is the sifted chaff/by product. Some people dry this and re blend it in a "dry blender" and use it as flour.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a blessed week.

 By the way, tell me how it turns out if you eventually make it. And, what your thoughts are on it? Was this post of help to you? Have you ever tried Tiger nuts anything? And, did you ever know Tiger nuts could have all these benefits?

This blog is founded on Deuteronomy 28:8.

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