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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Hi Babes, welcome to today's post. From my analytics, I know you like posts like this. So, instead of our traditional weekend Life Lately post, or Taking Stock post, I thought it would be nice to share some other things with you.

By the way, during my time away, I had a lot of experience which I do not take for granted. Follow me on instagram here and turn on post notification, to be the first to see what I mean. Without much ado, let's get down to business (I just started singing that mulan song).
Wall Posters/Pull out from Magazines and Books: I had a lot of wall posters...

A Simpson Blanket: This blanket saw me evolve y'all. I'm usually emotionally attached to blankets. I've had my current one since high school.

A Souvenir Merino Ram from Israel I named her Sheila, nuff said.

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Stacks of Nature Magazines: Courtesy of my daddy, mainly from National Geographic. He subscribed to TIME and a host of other (I looked forward to each magazine). Reading was a part of my childhood. I learned to read early and would read everything that crossed my path. When my parents noticed this, most of my presents became books. My parents would leave books on the last shelf of the library. By the age of ten I knew about most of the animals of the world and their respective habitats.

Archie Comics: LORD knows I loved the characters of this comic brand; Betty, Veronica, Reggie Mantle, the infamous Jughead and the host of others! Funny how I don't have time for Riverdale, maybe because I hate the suspens of seasonal movies.

Natural Hair Accessory Kit: I went to a Catholic school, and we weren't allowed to add any foreign hair to our natural hair. I had a box containing lots of clips, beads and bundles of rubber thread because my mama was determined not to let me out of the house without my hair beads, at least they allowed them.

Tell me, what did you have in your childhood bedroom? Let me know by commenting below.

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