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How to Organize and Declutter Your Wardrobe

Quote of the day: Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.- Hebrew 4:16.

Good day my lovelies! Today's post is one some of you might relate to. 
Before we delve in, I’m curious, drop a comment and let me know how you arrange/organize your own wardrobe.
I learned that certain people can tell a bit of your personality based on how you maintain your wardrobe (wonder if that's true).

My current wardrobe is divided into three major spaces. The right and left wing were made for hanging clothes, while the middle section was made for folded clothes, shoes, bags and toiletries (at least that's what I use it for).
Each pair of shoe is cleaned and put in a bag, and kept at the bottom of the middle wardrobe. I also keep my polish and brush there as well.

My bags placed in dust bags and are kept in the middle of the middle wardrobe.
Toiletries like perfumes, tissues, wipes, makeup kit and beauty products are carefully arranged on the first compartment of the middle wardrobe. I have partial OCD, so it's important to me that everything is arranged in a particular order and place.

Clothes have a way of taking up precious space, and ain't nobody gat time looking for where what is. So, I devised a means that works for me. I split my clothes into five sections:

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The ones I've worn too much
These ones are folded into my box and kept aside because I’ve worn them so much they run the risk of being termed school uniforms (y'all know Nigerians have bad mouth) if I dare put them on too soon. These clothes stay in my box for three months (enough to get people's minds off them).

The ones I'm giving Out to Charity
My priest made a comment one time, he said if you have any clothes you haven't worn for over six months, those are no longer your clothes, give them out. I find that in giving to charity, people tend to give out rags which is pitiful and sad. These people deserve good clothes and shoes as well. You mustn’t wait till they fall apart before you hand them down to someone else. 

Outing Clothes
These clothes are my "going out clothes". My Sunday best, turn up/owambe clothes, blue jeans(because I have trust issues with others colours), fancy outing tops, leather/denim jackets, chunky sweaters, lace gowns, ankara gowns, skirts and blouses, iro and buba, you get the picture. I iron the ones that need to be ironed, and hang all of them in the left side of the wardrobe.

Official Clothes
Clothes that fall under this section are the ones I wear to the office or for official meetings. They are the usual prim and proper office skirts, black long sleeve jackets, formal tops and gowns that you expect to see a lawyer in. They are all ironed and hung in my "right hand" wardrobe because I can't coman ki myself by trusting NEPA aka PHCN aka AEDC (Nigeria's power distribution companies).

Indoor Clothes
My cotton shorts, flimsy tops, big tee shirts, thigh length gowns, cotton sweat pants/slack pants, and pyjamas all fall into this category. These are basically my comfy stay at home clothes. I don't hang these ones, they are usually folded and kept within reach. The clothes in this section are more like my grab, wear, and go pound yam or wash plate’s clothes. Only my family know what pattern these clothes are; as an outsider you'll never catch me in them.

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