Taking Stock || What I've Been Up To

Quote of the day: I will give you thanks, for You answered me;You have become my salvation.
- Psalm 118:21.

Seasons greetings honey! Welcome to today's post. Do you have a hint of what you'll get for Christmas tomorrow? As a day one fan, I'm planning on going for O B O aka Davido's 30 Billion concert. That'll be my present to myself. What do you plan on gifting yourself? Tell me by commenting.

Here's what my life has been like lately:

Planning on turning up for Omo Baba Olowo himself!
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Marvelled at how good my hair beads turned out.

Right Now I Need two new high heel shoes in gold and black respectively.

Noticing the little things of life.

I Bought some things during the November black Friday sales. Do you think I should do a haul post?

Disgusted that Samsung doesn't authorise the sale of the C9 Pro in Nigeria.

Hoping to Meet Nyane Lebajoa soon.

Still giggling at a coincidence that occurred.

Enjoyed every bit of my time spent in Abuja, because it was an eye opener.

Currently in Love with my wardrobe.

I just ate my mama's fried rice.

Yawning at frenemies who think they know me.

Still Don't believe Pop's died in Cartoon Network's The Regular Show.

I Think golden retrievers are cute.

Missing my friend Nnubia.

Making Progress in getting myself together.

Embracing my destiny as a lawyer, and an entrepreneur.

Now Feeling that I've given out too much information.

Still procrastinating the launch of another brand because I don't know if it's necessary.

Loving how kind people are becoming.

Reading Miracles Happen by MaryKay Ash.

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Wishing you a merry Christmas, and hoping you are kind to the people you meet this week regardless of how they treat you.
All my love,
Lily of Nigeria.

This brand is based on Psalm 45:13.

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