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Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe
Quote of the day: "If you love only the people who love you, why should you receive a blessing? Even sinners love those who love them!"- Luke 6:32.

Femme Luxe recently gifted me some summer inspired clothes I chose from their website 💃🏽😊. Y'all remember when I spoke into existence on Twitter? It has started happening sis! They approached me, and this post was born after some negotiations.

Happy new month guys! Welcome to today's post guys. I hope you are keeping well. If you're new here please check out my archives. I also have a growing YouTube channel. This post gave me all the feels. Remember the last time we had an honest review post here on the blog? Good times are here again. You can catch my previous post (here)

This is the Black PU Leopard Print Organza Mesh Sleeve Corset Crop Top
Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe
Shop this corset top (here)

Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe
Pros: It's a really cute top! The organza is my favourite part of this top. It goes well with trousers, skirts.

Con: On the website it looked longer but it's actually a short corset top, and I wish it was longer (like an actual top).
However, I love it and no one will know it's a corset when you're attending zoom or Skype session with it 🙃).

This is what it looks like inside.
Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe

Shop Grey Silver Strapless Corset (here)
Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe

Pro: I like the fact that they lined the top with a gel like substance. When I wore it, it fit like a glove without a bra and it didn't come off. I feel like this can be paired with a pleated high waist skirt, or trouser.
Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe

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Inspiration: I've had this skirt for a while and felt that it would go really well with the silver corset top, and a jacket.

Black Cargo Slim Fit Trouser
Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe
Click here to shop trouser.

Pro: very versatile colour. I like how thick the material is, and the texture. This gave me girly, early 2000s vibes :)

Con: It came with a lot of shed animal hairs on it. This was the only product that came with complimentary hairs.

Black Mesh Ruffle Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress
Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe
Pro: Y'all I wore this black mesh bodycon dress and it was lit! It had this club/bougie burial vibe! I paired it with a clutch purse. The body of the material is made of elastane and polyester (so it's a bit stretchy, yay) and the sleeves are mesh.

Con: It had an initial funny smell that must have come from the packaging. Asides that, it is a very brilliant dress.

Back of the dress
Lilyofnigeria x Femme Luxe
Shop this dress (here)

Generally speaking, these were nice items. The Femme Luxe company is a fast fashion company that avails ladies or luxegals the opportunity to look nice without breaking bank.

If you are a brand looking to partner with me, please contact

Thank you so much for viewing this post guys. This wasn't a sponsored post. I got all the items listed above for free. The opinions are all mine, and unbiased. Don't forget to support my YouTube channel we are very close to 200 subscribers on YouTube! 😊❤💃🏽

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Please, continue to adhere to the government's guidelines to keep yourself, and others safe. Together we will beat Rona.

This blog is based on Psalm 45:13.

This was not a sponsored post. I was kindly supplied the clothes in exchange of my honest, unreserved, and unbiased review.

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