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A Newcomers Guide for the Nigerian Law School: Tips You must Know

Hi! You probably came here after seeing my Instagram post. I am sorry this I was published a bit late, my two phones fell inside a drum of water and I have been devastated. Enough about me.

Welcome! And congratulations on your successful admission into the Nigerian Law School, you made it! But, the journey is just beginning. Below are some tips I have prepared for you. As time goes on, I will continue to post some tips and hacks as well. If you have ANY questions whatsoever concerning your law school journey, please email me my email is readily available in the Blog’s Welcome page.

Things You Will Need

  • A set of functioning pens. You go fill forms tire!


  • About 18 coloured passports (make it 20). You must be dressed in your white and black which is the regulation wear. Usually, the Lagos campus insists that you take the passport in front of a blue background.
  • You will also need 10 black and white passports, as in, non-coloured passports (yes, you must also be in your regulation wear).
Tip: Tell the photographer to send copies of your passports, both the coloured and white and black to your email. This will come in the future. Yes, even after law school.

  • A plain black leather (no design or, patterned) cover shoe is a necessity. Unless, you’re a fearless bastard that has murdered humiliation countless times, so facing it this time around is no new thing.
  • Go through the regulation code and save yourself a lot of headache.
  •  For the ladies, you will need a plain/bland black leather with heel is a must for your first law dinner which will be coming up in December. I don’t know about other campuses, but Mrs. Ajoku, and Mrs. James don’t play games.
Stay glued to this blog as I will be publishing a several ways you can tie your muffler/scarf by the end of the month.
  • Don’t forget your documents, especially your medical reports. You will need your medical reports in order to be given accommodation in the hostel, issued a National Health Insurance Scheme Card.
  • Have a standby sum of N3000 for your registration. You will be running a lot of photocopies on your documents. The printing of some coloured documents, internet uploads, scanning of your documents. To photocopy a page in Lagos is N10, and when they use their generator, it costs N20. Of course, if your parents have the ching! this is not an issue to consider. 
  • No need going with a pillow or mattress. You will be issued these. The only electrical appliance allowed is your Iron. You might want to wait till you get there to buy your buckets and gallons. In Lagos renting a Butta/drum costs N500 for the whole session. In this recession I’m not sure if the price is still the same, comment and let me know if it has changed, and if you are in another campus, how much they charge there. You will need to agree with your roommates on how the drum will be filled. You can’t rent it with your money, and be the only one fetching it every day for them to use. You didn't come to law school for that, a timetable will do. If they’re not interested, that’s fine, get a latch and padlock, the guys at the works department are more than willing to help you secure your water. In my time (2015/2016) water is pumped at 5 am and stops by 9 pm. This drum will hold useful water to flush the midnight pee.
  • You might want to know beforehand that, for the choice space and wardrobe in the room, first come first serve.

  •  Beware, not every material is relevant.


Social Tips
1)  Be wise in choosing your friends. Don’t let people chose you, choose them. The first three weeks of your stay in law school is not for making life long besties, but for you to get acquainted with the system, and the people you have found yourself in their midst. This point goes for roommates as well.

             i.    First, get to know who they are, and what ticks their clocks.
           ii.   Know what their aspirations, and result goals are. Ever heard the quote, if you want to fly with the Eagles, you can’t continue to scratch with the turkeys. This does not mean you should be a snorty idiot, no. Get the point, You can’t align yourself with someone that just wants a let my people go.

         iii.   You have to also shine your eyes to people who are there to use you. I will not explain this point, you made it through Jurisprudence, you are smart enough to decode this point.

         iv.    You might want to avoid being the camel that does the heavy work in your small group which the law school will attach you to. If you feel cheated, tell your group leader, and if you happen to be the group leader, report this to your staff adviser. You are in law school to learn not to do all your group’s work (in as much as it has its advantages which include being able to cover the text before the slackers that wait 2 weeks before bar finals) Nuff’ said. Don’t forget to leave the meeting after signing your attendance once the seemingly study discussion turns into a political rally, or who can argue the most of some sort ain’t nobody gat’ time for that. Time spent in such instances could be used sleeping, or catching up on the day’s work.

  •  Classes are for listening copying notes, and eating apples bits (once in a while, not every day). Trust me, if you’re in Lagos (9-5) you will understand the apple bit with time. I advise against chewing gum in class. Try to read the topic for the next day before going into the lecture hall. This will help you follow along, and not feel like a stranded tourist who is devoid of the language of the locals. Again, try to attend lectures and focus. That juicy gist can wait. By merely focusing, your ears can pick up a line or two that will save you in the Bar Finals.
  • Take law school easy. See it as a marathon race, and not a short distance race. If you start out like a 100M dash, you will crash. Take it easy, so that towards the end, you must have built enough momentum to cross the finish line as a victor and make your love ones proud.
  • Don’t get carried away photocopying beautiful nonsense. Photocopy only when it is necessary. The work your group produces is not the final say. The lecturer’s correction to that work, is the final say.
  • If you don’t understand something, ask your lecturers. They are there for you to consult after your texts. Beware of hearsay's.
  • God is everything in Law school. You cannot do anything without him. The race is not for the swift, mighty, or, those who can answer the most questions in class, or the lecturers pet.

If there are things you want me to cover or do not fully understand, comment them and I will definitely get back to you.

Do your best while holding unto to God buddy.

God willing, I will see you in my next post.
Love, Alexandra.

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