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Date Night/Party Outfit Ideas and Inspiration | Lily of Nigeria

Date Night/Party Outfit Ideas and Inspiration | Lily of Nigeria
Psalm 103:12 KJV- As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

Hi guys, today I bring you some outfit inspiration from Femme Luxe for when you finally decide to party, or just grab a drink. These outfits can also pass for date night outfit inspiration 🙃.
My heels are from Primark check out my haul video on YouTube if you missed it here is it just me or do they also remind you of Rejina Pyo sandals? My wristwatch is a gift from my mummy, they're from the brand Amica. Shop this look here.

Side view of the outfit.
Date Night/Party Outfit Ideas and Inspiration | Lily of Nigeria
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I love the cool feel of this fabric and the fact that it stretches. It also reminded me of something Kim Kardashian wore.
I paired it with these boat shoes just because. I prefer boat shoes to ballerina flats because they give off a bit of elegance and sophistication; but that's just my thoughts. I like to pair them with trousers.

I love the colour of this dress. It is the same fabric as the first one. My extra self threw on a raincoat over it and went shopping with it. Buy it here.
Date Night/Party Outfit Ideas and Inspiration | Lily of Nigeria

The fact that this top covers my bum is an instant bonus point for Femme Luxe. I paired it with a pair of white flats because that's what I'll wear to dash to the store, but pairing them with heels will definitely bring out their party or date night nature. For more on these white flats, check this video here.
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I like the ribbed fabric. I'm not sure whether I prefer them with or without the belt 🤔

I really like this dress. It reminds me of the saying pick your battles it's covered up at the back, cleavage and arms but gives off feminine energy below. It also has a flap on the lower part.
PS: If you don't have good sitting posture stay away, it can be a bit scandalous though.
Date Night/Party Outfit Ideas and Inspiration | Lily of Nigeria

You get a better view of the neck of this date night dress in this picture. I paired the dress with my boat shoes here.
Date Night/Party Outfit Ideas and Inspiration | Lily of Nigeria
You can shop all looks by clicking (here)

Remember to take protective measures when you go outside.

Thank you for visiting, and be kind to people. I hope to see you soon.
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