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Hello! Since this is my first post this year, let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year! I have been so caught up with life that I sometimes wondered to myself if I could get back the reins of blogging, or it has gone far off, to the point of no return. I don’t even know if anybody will read this post, let alone reading it to the end or relating to some aspects of it, but here we go.

I now live in Abuja. And to be honest the difference between this place and Lagos is wide. In no small terms, it was a rude shock to me initially. But, I assure you that I am getting a hang of the place. I’ve been to about three markets here, and while they can’t compete with my beloved Balogun/Yaba Markets in certain aspects, they are really good I keep finding hidden gems in Abuja markets. 

If you know me well, then you must know I have a lovelike enthusiasm for languages. I have upped my French game by registering with the Institut Francais at Aminu Kano. The people there are very friendly, and my classmates are the funniest! Our Professur Monsieur Joel mixes learning with fun,and makes me forget I am tired, because I come straight from the office to the institute and close by 7:30 pm and get home minutes to 8:00pm. I started one week late with them,so I struggled a little initially, but I’m fine now.

Sometimes when I get home, I am too tired to cook, and I drink Garri with Kuli Kuli(*InsertTwoFingersPeaceEmoji*no shame at all). And, most times when I do cook, I am too tired to eat it, and fall asleep with the food beside me only to wake up in the early hours to either continue, or throw it away because it has gone sour; don’t tell my mother, she would cringe if she knew this.. At the moment, I don’t have a fridge or a microwave, I’ve had to learn the Maths of cooking very small because wasting food is something I hate, and Fast-food every day is not an option at all. If you follow me on Snapchat @lilyofnigeria you would have seen my Vegan Spaghetti
:) Hallelujah somebody! 
I haven’t eaten meat in two weeks and counting, I feel great! Not that I set out to avoid it intentionally (I can be quite picky with food, and I get bored easily). 

My social life is just there, because I haven’t met a lot of people yet. When you’re a lawyer, you tend to run in circles of the same faces, or people that know people you know. To be honest, I need to put myself out there a little. I am too comfortable with my own space because I don’t want to risk getting hurt by “friends” again. I still smile at people, and, to an extent, I think the resting bitch face has died a natural death. This doesn’t make me a goody two shoes, I still keep my circle fiercely tight. However, 2017 is my year of building bridges/networking with people, I’ll let you in on how it goes.

The other day, I was about going home when I remembered I promised Grace from Streatwize I’d come by her foodvan, so I decided to stop by(because I am not someone to promise and fail). You know how I like to support young brands. Although they were almost sold out on all their meals and drinks, I was pretty much impressed with what I got.

Their meals,drinks andsnacks are quite affordable(large french fries are sold for N400 and the regular one goes for N350). If you are interested feel free to call them 09052444451.
How is life treating you these days? What have you been up to lately? Let me know by commenting.

Anyway, it's 01:22am and i plan on going for 7:30am Mass. Until next time my loves. Have a beautiful week filled with God's favour.

Lots of Love,
Your Friend,Alexandra. 

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This post is founded on Deuteronomy 28:13.

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  1. Hi Alexandra!

    Welcome to Abuja!

    It'll take some time to find your fitting, but I assure you you've made the right choice. Abuja can be fun when you know the right people/places.

    Ummi's Blog

    1. Ummi my dear! Thank you so much, i appreciate your support. Things have gotten better and are getting better for me by the day thanks to God. I pray to meet the right people and visit the right places Let's see what God has in store for me :)

      How are you? I hope you're getting on well.


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