Hi Babes! Welcome to today's post, and happy Sunday.
Let me start by saying that if you were hoping this post will be one to list the benefits of drinking the good ol' H2O aka water to you, you will be disappointed. There are a lot of posts on the internet that breaks that down for you, I encourage you to search for them and read up.

This blog post however will serve as an inspiration,or guide to assist you drink water, or more water. Back in Uni, I learnt the benefits of water from a friend of mine after she shared one of her weight loss tips that became a healthy lifestyle change for her, water. I'd be sharing that in a future post.

Let's get down to today's post.

1. Buy a fancy/portable water bottle. Because of its portable nature, you can carry it anywhere and it can fit well into your bag. I prefer acrylic bottles to flasks because over time, there's this taste flasks gives to water that I don't like. But if you prefer flasks, by all means go ahead.

2. Set alarms with fancy tunes as reminders. Fancy tunes to encourage you because some tunes can be an outright addition to your mood if you're pissed off at the moment it goes on.

3. Post-It/Sticky Notes can be of help too. You can use these colorful stationery as reminders that you need a gulp.
For instance:
Have you had a gulp today?

Hungry or thirsty?

Have a drink Honey :)

H2O over there (with arrows pointing to your water)

4. Spice things up a bit if you find water too plain. You can actually infuse your favourite fruits/veggies into it to give it a kick in the taste department. I got to see this for the first time when I was in Law school. There are special portable acrylic bottles for this too. Shout out to my girl Fisayo who taught me how to make it.
These ones are infused in Masonic jars, and are a great option for parties and cocktails for people who'd rather go with good ol' water(if you're one indicate by commenting, let us know ourselves).

5. Be determined and Intentional about drinking more water. It's a lifestyle change that your body will thank you for. Remember not to make it a burden so that it doesn't seem like a chore. Stay safe and healthy Loves.

I hope this post is of help to you if you struggle with drinking water.

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Wishing you happiness and praying you smash all your goals this week.
All my love,
Lily of Nigeria.

This brand is based on Psalm 45:13.

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  1. great post, I like your tips !
    I decided to drink more water couple months ago and even tho I am not where I want to be yet, I can see the progress :)

    1. That's a great change to incorporate into your lifestyle Sonia. Your skin is usually the first to tell the difference :)
      Thanks for visiting my blog love.


  2. This is so important. Great way of covering this topic. Love the idea of creating drinks in a masonic jar.


    1. I'm glad you found this post relevant, and got a new tip as well!
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Such great tips! I need to drink more water for sure. I'll have to find a cute water bottle to bring with me to work =o)


    1. Goodluck incorporating water into your lifestyle. Thank you for visiting my blog honey xoxo.

  4. Great post! Drinking water has so many benefits but its so easy to forget! I would probably have an anxiety attack if my waterbottle isn't sitting beside my bed or desk. Hehe.


    1. Hahaha Chinenye!!! Something about being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle girl. I'm so excited to see your comment here on the blog :)
      My phone crashed again, and so I took a break from instagram. I miss your stories..

      Thanks for visiting love.


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