Dear Law Student 4 || Life Tips for Law School Students by Chukwuemeka Ginikanwa

Hi everybody, welcome to this weeks post! You can check out last week's post if you missed it here. This week, one of my favorite writers (I promise I'm not fanning out) Chukwuemeka is contributing. I met him while I was a university student. Emeka reminds me of Chimamanda and Achebe. He writes with such finesse, and his talent is hard to miss. I hope you enjoy what school was like for him.


 I basically slept and woke up and university was over. All of a sudden, the memories became very faint. Things I thought I had achieved became pale. Nothing. They tasted like ash in my mouth.

Final year at the University of Nigeria came with rather too many struggles. Finance was very tight. There were classes that I hardly understood what they were for. There was a Project to write. The deadline was close by and I had no laptop and of course, no money to use a Business Centre. Then they released the exam time table with quizzes in between. It was a mad house in my head. I could not think straight. Then father died. Suddenly, everything did not matter anymore. Only his funeral. Constant calls from home and shuttling between three states – Abia, Enugu and Imo.

As my father laid to rest, my fears awoke. Suddenly, I became afraid of not graduating with a Second Class (Upper Division). I also worried that I would not even graduate at all because my Project was still lying fallow. I had missed quizzes and exams were just around the corner and I hadn’t read a page of any course.

 Then one night, I went into the campus to take a stroll to clear my head and suddenly, everywhere went dark. Screams from the first hostel were replied from the second hostel and the third, fourth and the glasses shattered. Poles were pulled down. The riot was in full swing. The next morning, the authorities asked the students to vacate indefinitely in roder to clear the carnage they caused and to think of how to punish us.

Others complained, I did not. I also had carnages to clear and I must clear them. Or so I thought. My friend Temple could not travel back to Lagos in such uncertain times so he had to stay with me and my best friend, Toby at our off campus apartment. Temple just came with two small school bags and plenty loads of stories of law school that he had heard. He constantly told stories of Kenneth Okwor and how he graduated with a frist class and thus, changed his life forever.

Prior to Temple’s coming, I had cared little or nothing about law school. Suddenly, I wanted the first class. Suddenly, it seemed like the only thing that would help me escape the mental torture of the feeling of nothingness I felt then. It became my only goal and objkective. I felt inspired and even more afraid.

We resumed. I wrote my exams. I defended my Project. I graduated. I went home. To rest and to worry about law school. There was no money to even prepare for it. I was afraid of being sent to the northern part of the country. Then one day, I received N50,000 from Mr. Nonso Azih, whom my friend Chisom Ozoemena had told my story. The next day I went to the market to get a suit for law school and buy basic things I believed I would need at law school.

As I stood in the queue at the Union Bank branch at Ariaria Market, Aba, I received a call from Chiderah Azodoh
“Chukwuemeka, law school posting is out.”
“Where were you posted to?” I asked.
“I don’t know yet. I have not checked.”

I asked her to check hers and mine and call me back. She sent a text.
“We are going to Lagos.”
I called Chisom later in the day and she was going to Lagos as well....(to be continued).

The person in the picture above is NOT Chukwuemeka, thank you.

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