How to Remove Makeup from Face | Before and After Makeup of a Nigerian Beauty Blogger

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Hi guys! If you're checking this post out from my home page click on it! Today, is all about how I remove my makeup. While the process of putting on makeup can sometimes be therapeutic for me, removing it can be a struggle at times.

The last thing anyone needs is to be callous with makeup bu letting it sleep on your face (or body CC Kim Kardashian's body makeup). Previously, I swore by Neutrogena wipes but with the amount of fake in the market, and taking into consideration how my skin is I resolved to using plain hypoallergenic baby wipes.

Recently, while shopping for skincare products I discovered the Rosewater and glycerin I used in this video. I bought it for N500 (I know it's a good bargain for how great it is on my face).

The cotton wool balls I used were also purchased for N300.

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I digress.

Here are close shots of the rosewater and glycerin I use to remove my makeup.

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