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A fool uttereth l all his mind: but a wise man keepeth m it in till afterwards. -Proverbs 29:11 KJV

Hey guys! Nowadays we are all working from home, and I've had to adapt to a productive routine working from home. I find myself waking up at 5 am, which according to some experts is a healthy morning routine. It's indeed a welcome change, and I've learnt to make the most of my extra awake time. In this blog post I am sharing my 5 am morning routine with you, which some months ago would have had me rolling with laughter. I try my best to maximize every minute of the day, and get more work done. It also helps that the sun rises pretty early here at 4 am sometimes, and other times at minutes past 5 am. Personally, from my experience I think the secret to gettingup early is sleeping early.

5 AM: Wake up, and lay in bed for a bit.
I like to dress my bed once I get out of it, it keeps me calm and organized. On some days I drink my lemon and water, on other days I make sure I drink 1 litre of water and have a bath. On other days, I rush to the bathroom (do a pee), and/or have a bath, (on some days I bathe if my walk is scheduled in the evening on others I walk first, then have a bath when I get back).

5:30 AM: Exercise
To be honest, the most exercise I do is brisk walking for 4 miles, stretching my entire body (I use an app to guide me because, well 🤷🏽‍♀️). I don't know about you boo, but I am not a fan of huffing and puffing, hence, no extraordinary exercises... At this juncture I want to state that this is not a luxury pamper morning routine. We can have that post on another day, just not today, or this period.

I listen to some of my favourite podcasts sometimes while I am walking. When I get back I check my phone (go through emails, whatsApp, social media, and maybe watch one or two youtube videos).

My relaxed hair is currently in the transitioning stage so I like to moisturise it once in two days. I use warm water on it while in the shower to moisturize it. Then, I apply my leave in conditioner and seal it with hair grease (you read that right sis, hair grease THANK GOD my hair is THRIVING).

7:30 AM: At this point, I go through my to-do list for the day, and have a cup of tea, or some fruits if I am feeling a bit empty in my tummy. I usually eat at 2 PM because I am not a breakfast person (never have been). I only just discovered I've been doing intermittent fasting without knowing it had a name.

8 AM: Boot my PC and get down to work.

I usually have some video calls around 11 am for professional reasons.

12:00 PM: if I'm done with my video calls I'll use this time to catch up on some of my favourite shows, or just keep practicing my French and Russian.

There you have it guys, my productive work from home morning routine. If you missed my post on comfy work from home fashion inspirations,you can click here to see what I wear to work from home, nothing over the top.

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For the sake of your health, and that of others, please adhere to the internationally prescribed guidelines. Together, we will return to a new normal.

Stay safe y'all,

This blog is based on Psalm 126:1.

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