Blogger Feature 3: Azaram

Hi guys! How are you doing? This is the third blogger feature we are doing here on the blog. Azadeh has a very bubbly personality and I enjoyed our little back and forth email.
1. Hello, give us a background about yourself?

- Hi! My name is Azadeh and I am a multimedia journalist and blogger based in New York City.  I recently graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and I work at Vanity Fair on their video team.  Pretty much all other moments of my time are dedicated to either spending time with my family or blogging!  

2. As a female blogger, how would you describe the general perception of
your field when you tell people about it? What do you wish is being done

- What an excellent question!  I think for the most part, people don't take it seriously, but only because they don't really know that blogging is a BUSINESS!   Especially when you monetize it, like I have.
It's not just curating an outfit and posing for pictures.  When you collaborate with brands, you have to make sure you are being professional, following their requests, and representing them correctly.  And why wouldn't you?  They will notify other brands of how professional you are, and your network grows! :) 
If I had to wish for one thing to be done differently, it would be for bloggers not to get too competitive with each other!  Style blogging is predominantly female and I love going to events and meet ups to network and exchange ideas.  I've made some pretty beautiful friendships through blogging, and I LOVE meeting up with fellow blogger babes to discuss business strategies.  Unfortunately, I've also met some bloggers who don't care to do because they think it will retract from their own success.   

3. Describe a typical day in your life, from the time you wake up till
bedtime? And, how many hours do you work on a post?

- My typical day is has two parts.  It starts around 6 am when I wake up, do my morning routine, and head to work.  Then it starts again around 5:30 pm- it's like coming to my second job, haha!  Pitching, writing posts, scheduling, styling outfits, the list goes on!  Some nights I'll have events or blogger meet ups.  I'm usually in bed around 10, I can't function without sleep!  Photoshoots are usually scheduled for the weekend.
If you could see into my head, you would see I'm always thinking about what I can do to grow the brand, how I can engage better with my audience, or what posts I should be working on.  I send pitches every week to brands and platforms for collaborations, sponsorships, campaigns, or features.

4. What are the greatest pressures and pros of being a blogger?

- The biggest pressure for me is finding time to do everything I want to!  I have so many big ideas I wish I could start on!  I'm a beats at time management, but unfortunately I don't have the time to dedicate to right now.  
As for pros, I am truly doing what I love. :)  AzArAm used to be a personal style page, but has become a platform for the modern #GirlBoss.  It is such a beautiful feeling when I get messages from readers around the world saying I have motivated or influenced them in a positive way!

5. What are the necessary skills needed to succeed in your field? And, what
kind of experience do you think upcoming bloggers are expected to have?

- I think one of the biggest skills needed is patience.  No matter what you want to do with your blog, or where you want to take it, you MUST be patient.  Your platform is like your baby (or plant or pet!).  It needs to be constantly attended to, and from there it will grow.  
Another very important skill, especially for up and coming bloggers, is to really understand the playing field.  Social media is going to be your biggest asset, but you HAVE to know how to use it.  If you want to blog because you truly enjoy sharing a positive message and want to connect with others, then you should do research on how to expand using social media!

6. What does it take to be successful in your field?

- I truly think success is personal.  Some people think success in blogging is when you have half a million followers and get a campaign with a super high end brand, like The Blonde Salad.  I have met many bloggers, and every one has a different goal.  For me, it's positively influencing others.  If someone comes across one of my motivational posts and it somehow impacts them in a good way, then that to me is success!

7. What is your aspiration in life?

- I aspire to never settle, to always express gratitude, and to live a life of service.

8. Do you see yourself as accomplished?

- I do in ways.  I have over come a LOT in the last few years.  I was in a bad place in my life and made bad choices.  But I got my life on track, finished school studying my love, journalism, then got my masters from an Ivy League!  But I always say, "I didn't come this far to ONLY come this far."  That's not my quote by the way, I see it on motivational Instagram pages!

9. As a very busy human, how do spend your free time?

- With my family!  I'm lucky they live close by.

10.    And, what are your favourite hang/chill out spots in your city?

- This is a tough one!  New York is everything to me.  I do love the West Village though.  And probably the MET.  I will never ever get tired of the MET!

11. Are there things you miss about your childhood?

- Nap time!

12. Is your current position where you thought you will be at this stage?

- I think about where I was a few years ago, and where I am now and it truly amazes me.  Like... I did that?  I overcame these bad things?  I've had a lot of negative people in my life and no one believed me when I would talk about the things I wanted to do.  But here I am, living my dream! :) 

13. What used to be your greatest weaknesses, and how did you overcome them?
- There truly is so much power in positive thinking! :)  I'm human, I still talk myself down sometimes, but I snap out of it pretty quickly.  There is NO time for negativity.  Life is short and beautiful and we should be grateful!
Does this answer the question?  It made more sense in my head, haha! 

 14.  What do you do on Saturdays?

- If I can I go see my family, but if not then it's a combination of photoshoot, brunch, and art galleries.  In the summer- BEACH!

15. What are you most proud of?

- How far I've come.  Especially Columbia! :)

16. What's the last thing you do before you sleep?

- Gratitude and praises to the most high! 

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